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SlowFish LA

Why Slow Fish?

The Slow Food concept is quickly gaining ground as a healthy alternative to fast food.
We are proud to present our SLOW fish restaurant in honor of this “well-being” lifestyle boom. We strive to provide an answer to the slow food challenge by providing enjoyable,

healthy dishes from sustainable food products that do not require long preparation. Our menu, consisting entirely of organic products, made in-house sauces, and seafood prepared daily by our chefs, is envisioned as healthy food.

We aim to achieve optimal freshness with premium fish selection while pleasantly infusing Asian cuisine. We seek to playfully blend tastes and preserve your joy of eating!

Ask us about Black rice!

Naturally black, and a healthy “slow-food”, black rice was recently rediscovered in Asia and Europe for its disease preventing, cholesterol lowering and weight control benefits.
Black rice is also known for being high in vitamins, fiber, mineral content (including iron) and

amino acids. Research has proven that black rice is especially helpful to pregnant women and nursing mothers to avoid common anemia. Most of all, diners love its deep, nutty taste and rich, silky texture.




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