Catering Menu

All platters must have minimum 24 hour notice before pickup, otherwise a 30% fee will be added.
There is an additional charge for Black Rice substitution.

Roll & Tempura Platter (84pc total)

Cali Tempura Roll-12pc
Spicy Tuna Tempura Roll-12pc
California Roll- 8pc
Spicy Tuna Roll- 8pc
Rainbow Roll- 8pc
Bolsa Roll- 8pc
Crunch Roll- 8 pc
Salmon Cream Roll - 8pc
Veggie Roll- 12pc


Sushi & Roll Platter (40pc Nigiri Sushi & 32pc Rolls)

Nigiri Sushi: Tuna-6pc Salmon-6pc Albacore-6pc Yellow Tail-6pc Shrimp-6pc Izumidai-6pc Tamago-4pc
California Roll-8pc
Spicy Tuna Roll-8pc
Tuna Roll-8pc
Hamachi Scallion Roll-8pc


Salad & Appetizer Platter

Garden Salad-2 portions
Edamame-2 portions
Pork Gyoza-15pc
Chicken Gara-Age (Full portion)
Potato Croquette-4pc (Cut in half)
Vegetable Tempura-15pc


Premium Sushi & Sashimi Bento

Miso soup- 1
Seaweed salad- 1
Nigiri Sushi- Tuna-2pc, Salmon-2pc, NZ Tai-1pc, Albacore-1pc
Sashimi- Bluefin Tuna-2pc, Yellow Tail-2pc, Sea Urchin-1pc
Sushi rice- 1